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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

News 20 April 2011

The Application Version 2.0 is ready for sale!.
It features free recipes download.
Recipes creation, edition, sharing.
and many others.
[iTunes AppStore Preview]


  1. After I updated this App (full version) it no longer works! Please fix it! Salaam !

  2. Dear Ms.\Mss. MonicaE,
    Thank you for your help to make your beloved app iTasteRecipes Morocco better.
    Please leave us an email address where we can contact you for support. Please use our support email as displayed on top of this blog directly at: itasterecipes[at]live[dot]com.

    Since we can't have access to your user experience in order to identify the problem, we advise you to delete the current application from your phone and download it anew.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience this hidden bug has caused you and we hope you can contact us in order to identify it.
    Mr.\Mss. monicaE please rest assured that we run our applications through a lengthy and much diversified debug phase. However, many variables make it impossible to run into all scenario cases ranging from iOS versions, memory invasive jailbreak applications to new hardwares release. Even though we debugged the process of updating the application many times, we couldn’t then run into a similar situation to yours.
    Please let us know of your situation progress.

    We wish you well.
    (Op PR 2) Ali.